The report was sent within the same day.

Australia is about twenty times larger, than Japan.

Do you want another cup of coffee?

I assure you this isn't just about money.

I'll die trying.

The handle is broken.

Is there anything else I need to know?

How could you not tell me you know my parents?

I don't get enough sleep at night.

They see it.


It seemed the best way forward.

Please don't forget to turn off the light before you go to bed.

The price of rice rose by more than three percent.

How much longer will the thunderstorm last?

Tao ate the whole apple.


When does the class finish?

You can talk later.

Are you 17 years old?

It was one nation until 1993, after which it was divided.

Where is the Israeli embassy?


My dream is to be a baseball player.

I want to get these things done as quickly as possible.

Several of the Transhumanist Movement are demonstrating in front of the government building.


Safety is not guaranteed.

Lonhyn felt terrific.

We talked quietly so we wouldn't wake the baby.

I hid one.

His friends said he didn't like going out in public.

Marian tries to read the future.

I don't like his language.

He enjoys eating ice cream.

Once again, I was able to escape death.

Be careful. We don't know what's in there.

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

I have an aunt who lives in Osaka.

I'm going to tell Kenn the truth.

He took it literally.

I'm really happy because I won 10,000 yen at the horse races.

Watch over the house while I am out.

He visited the grand temple every day.

She always adds new information in her translations.

As soon as you're finished looking at the "kairanban," please give it to the next person.

We're tempting fate.

The pluviograph is broken.

I'm catching the 11:00 train.

After swimming, a glass of orange juice really fills the bill.

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Did Rebecca tell you anything?

How do you say "thank you" in French?

Nathan threw her boyfriend's clothes in the fire.

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Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.


Our teacher hates his students to ask questions while he is giving a lecture.

A more robust approach is certainly possible.

Hsuan doesn't hate you.


Erik used to work with Erick.

I'll get Kristi.

She ran very fast to catch up with the other members.

Last year is gone already.

I had words with the manager of that store, because he refused to refund my money for the TV set that wasn't operating properly.

I have the conviction that a few weeks in a well-organized summer camp may be of more value educationally than a whole year of formal school work.

Real thinks that he's Luis's boyfriend, but Holly thinks that he's just a friend.

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Vice can speak French as well as English.

In a sexual relationship cheating on someone is if the person has sex with someone else.

This is the largest museum in the city.


The party was my idea.

The fire was burning brightly.

There was a tall tree in front of my house.

The earth is not a star, but a planet.

I did see it once though, and it was great!


I'm stuck here.

I'm taking this to Kristian.

I will be taking the exam about this time tomorrow.

My brother didn't like her from the start.

Bud never told me who his father was.

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It's not so unusual.


I know her better than anyone.


She wants to drink some warm milk.


It's shameful to treat a child so cruelly.

I've agreed to help Jane next weekend.

Blaine looks dead.

We've already been waiting for three hours.

I've paid you already.

This school sets high moral standards for pupils.

Shel ironed his white shirt.


He rudely turned his back to the principal.

Do you know what they did?

All of us are connected with the past and the future as well as the present.

Knudsen was attacked by a bear.

Calvin likes to shop at Forever 21.

He might not have eaten for days.

The coin toss decides who will kick off the match.


Ed and Amarth are constantly arguing.

I'll talk to him alone.

This is the storage room.

Let's go tell Piercarlo the good news.

Are you telling me Herman doesn't know?


My computer is very slow.


Do you know Mr Bingley?

The climate of Japan is as warm as that of China.

It's the right time.


Loukas's limousine is parked in front.

Click the image to hear animal's sound.

They say that the wood is haunted.

Why not try it on?

He had a lot of work to do.

Liz was the only one who offered to help.

Experience has shown that money does not bring happiness.

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In the middle of the tour, they became separated from the main group.

Are you through with your breakfast?

These grapes are ripe.


I can't promise you that.

Today was the school closing ceremony for 2008.

I drank one.


Not all people are equal. That's, on one hand, good news because it means that not all people are bad.

I could not find my brother who was to meet me at the station.

Well, what happened to her?

That's not a nice thing to say.

Directly the bell rang, we got up.

Mario doesn't seem to be much happier.

Is Kazuhiro lucid?

Ernst just dumped me.

What's your plan with Bryce?

She went to Germany for the purpose of studying music.

The train just left.

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He'll be taking an exam next week.

It's a delicate situation.

Don't lose heart now.

I was trying to talk to you.

Why don't you invite them over?

What's your favorite movie of all time?

Your face makes me punch you.

Heat is rippling through my body.

We had a snowball fight.

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They've been marvelous.

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Left alone, I sometimes feel like crying.

We are but men, not gods.

He started to speak English.

I've been working there for three months.

How did you discover that?

She got a run in her stocking when she broke the heel of her shoe.

You really should stay.


Can you recommend a good movie?

I should've paid in advance.

This music reminds me of that girl.


Spudboy and Christie are active members.


Rip your scribble into a thousand shreds!


The company's president makes a conclusion.

I made a nightmarish mistake.

I can't believe Jean would ever hit Sharon.

It's food.

A well is a place where you can get water.

Leave a comment.

Who was Marika?

Good writing has been going out of style, in favor of texting.

It was a strange beast.

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I am better.

There's hardly any wind today.

What's the round-trip fare?

Do you know the Wikipedia website?

Turn the radio up a little.

I'll make them some sandwiches.

I didn't know Dave had a sports car.

She was wrong.

Beside Barack Obama, all US presidents were white.

I didn't know Chris at that time.

Somehow I can't picture Sandy working as a bartender.

When was the last time you had a really good cry?

The chickens have come home to roost.


She came to like the house.